Connecting Farmers’ Voices in Madhesh to Climate Change Policies and Discourses

Project Leader: Dr. Hari Dhungana
Partners and Collaborators: International Water Management Institute (IWMI), Nepal Madhesh Foundation (NEMAF) and PANOS South Asia.
Brief description of the project: This project is the collaboration between SIAS and International Water Management Institute (IWMI),which is funded by the CGIAR Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) Research Programme and the IWMI Uptake Department.

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Rethinking Environment and Development in an Era of Global Norms: An Exploration of Forests and Water in Nepal, Sudan and Uganda (REDEGN)

Project Leader : Hari Dhungana (SIAS)
Partners and Collaborators: University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK
Duration: 2013-2015 (Starting from Dec 2013)

Brief description of project: The research responds to the unprecedented emergence of global environmental norms, particularly those intended to reconcile natural resource management with poverty alleviation in a just manner.

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Analysis of Institutional Arrangements on Agriculture Intensification in Smallholder Farming Systems in Dhanusha and Sunsari Districts of Nepal

Project Leader: Kamal Devkota
Partners and Collaborators: Centre for Research on Innovation and Science Policy (CRISP)
Duration : April-May, 2014

Brief description of the project : This short assignment was a quick institutional analysis (landscape of actors, their capacities and limitations, constraints and opportunities) to support scaling out intensification of smallholder farming systems in eastern Terai districts of Sunsari & Dhanusa in Nepal.

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Evidence-based Policy in Development Network (ebpdn-South Asia)

Project Leader: Hari Dhungana
Partners and Collaborators: ForestAction Nepal, Overseas Development Institute (ODI), Centre for Poverty Analysis (CEPA), Srilanka
Duration : 2011

Brief Description of the activity/project : This project aims to expand experiential knowledge on the relative efficiency and effectiveness of policy research and engagement methods and tools and to make a collective, structured reflection within the research team about their effectiveness and efficiency in producing evidence and influencing policy.

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ESPA Political Economy Framework Project

Project Leader: Hari Dhungana
Partners and Collaborators: The University of Edinburgh, ForestAction Nepal
Duration: 2011/2012

Brief description of the project : The project aims to analyze whether and to what extent forest ecosystem services are considered in national policy making, in terms of enabling factors for the consideration of ES in national policy, and the extent of poverty alleviation considered alongside ES in the country context. It also examines policy approaches in forest management and the incentives that have been effective in promoting the well being of the poor.

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Landscape of Democracy: the Cultural Politics of Governance in Nepal

Project Leader :
Partners and Collaborators: The University of Edinburgh and University of Toronto, Forest Action, NCCR
Duration :

Brief description of the project : The overall research question—how is democratic governance understood and performed in local communities— encompasses the domains of market and exchange, as well as the institutions more conventionally understood to constitute civil society.

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